About Us

Cheap London Theatre Tickets was established in London in 2007 to distribute cheap tickets for London musicals, plays and dinner and show packages. As a leader in London's theatre ticket market, we offer tickets to a variety of West End productions, from the most popular musicals to the smaller and less well-known plays. You may choose from discounted top seat tickets to the cheapest seats from as little as ten pounds for certain shows.

It is worth noting that Cheap London Theatre Tickets does not sell its own ticket stock but that of one of Londonís premier theatre tickets suppliers. Our supplier is dedicated to exceptional customer service and ease of booking. They are, needless to say, a member of the Society of Ticket Agents and Retailers (STAR) and operate within the code of practice STAR sets down for its members. For more information on STAR please see www.s-t-a-r.org.uk and look for Encore Tickets.